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{Lifestyle} Roundup: Best Baby Stuff

Kate Ensign-Lewis - January 31, 2012

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With the explosion of online shops for babies on Etsy and easy ways to see cool things on Pinterest, it seems there is better stuff than ever for the precious butterballs in our lives.

I could look at cute and useful baby things on Pinterest and Etsy all day. (And I've certainly spent more time than is good for me doing so. What laundry?!)

These are a few of my recent favorites:

(Photo by Crochet Dreamz)

Homemade Play Dough (for older babies)
(Photo by An Art Nest)

(Photo by Square Paisley Design)

(Photo by The Busl Barn)

(Photo by Sugarfresh)

For a girl:

(Photo by Chloe's Crochet Closet)

(Photo by Anything Baby Boutique)

For a boy:

(Photo by Antsy Pants)

(Photo by Laura Betty)
(Note: This particular version would be heresy in my house; luckily she does a 49ers version, too, among others.)

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