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{Lifestyle} Modest Fashion Roundup

Ashley Evanson - February 03, 2012

These ladies are doing a lovely job pulling off vogue and virtue. Check out these modest outfits for your own style inspiration.

LDS Living recently opened a Pinterest account (follow us here). One of our boards is called Vogue and Virtue, featuring modest fashion and style inspriration. Right now I'm loving pastels, lace, and stripes; here are a few of my favortie finds this week:


Photo from Bathwater


Photo from Lilly's Style


Photo from Sunday Crossbow


Photo from Ish & Chi


Photo from Fancy Treehouse


Photo from Thread Ethic


Photo from Atlantic - Pacific


Photo from Late Afternoon


Photo from Pretty stuff


Photo from Shopbop


Photo from Illuminated

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azmomof6 said...

10:43 AM
on Feb 09, 2012

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I must beg to differ with your definition of modesty: unlined lace is NOT MODEST. On the contrary, it is teasingly immodest. I am very bothered by the trend (over the last decade or so) to wear UNDERWEAR (e.g., lacy camisoles) as outerwear. I feel embarrassed for anyone who does it, even with a T-shirt underneath. Likewise, tight leggings are not modest -- they should be considered stockings, not pants, and covered accordingly. Those deep v-necklines will gap when the wearer moves, showing a clear view of cleavage (and who knows what else?), and that draped skirt is almost certain to open up when the wearer walks, sits, etc. said...

05:25 PM
on Feb 09, 2012

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I agree with azmomof6. The other one I'm deeply concerned about is the black and white striped U-neck shirt. Wow, that neckline is just bordering on revealing everything less than 1/2" below it. Can't believe the number of people wearing mini-dresses, also, with leggins, as if that justifies the length. Sigh...let's get on the same page with a definition of "modest."
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