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{Poll} What's Your Home or Visiting Teaching Style?

Ashley Evanson - February 16, 2012


Home and visiting teaching are invaluable programs for reaching out to all the members in our ranks, but they take on a different appearance for each person. How often do you go? When do you try to complete it? And what constitutes a visit? We'd love to know.

We've become curious about how home and visiting teaching play out in real life. For me, I call it good when my visiting teachers come over and sit at the kitchen counter while I cook Sunday dinner and we chat about work, kids, school, and life. Sometimes they share a quick message, sometimes they don't, but I always feel loved. It's funny, on the Sundays they come over, the whole family gathers in the kitchen to be involved because the informality of it makes it fun.

But I know others who would never dream of doing it this way. The home/visiting teachers are escorted to the formal living room of their home and teach of spiritual message. And then there are those who drop off cookies at the doorstep, or leave a message on the answering machine and check it off their to-do list.

I'm not suggesting there's a right or wrong way to do it, I'm just curious about how you do it. Take our poll and leave a comment below on your own personal style.

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What's your home/visiting teaching style?

How do you like to be home/visit taught?

How often do you home/visit teach?

How often are you home/visit taught?

When do you get your teaching done within the month?

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sunshine0926 said...

08:51 AM
on Feb 16, 2012

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There should have been a multiple choice option on the visiting teaching style - it depends on the visiting teachee, but my style is a combination of several of those. I will generally give a short, informal lesson mixed in with chatting and visiting. My companion or I make treats on birthdays and special occasions. One lady we teach is in poor health and only wants a phone call, but we will bring her treats on occasion. Another lady wouldn't let me in the door until after we'd dropped dinner off on her doorstep a few times (she worked full time, attended school full time, and was raising five children.) After that, we couldn't get out of her house in under two hours. I was one of only a few people from the church that she would allow in the house. It's interesting that while 78% do their visiting teaching every month, only 37% are visited every month. :-)

lavoy said...

11:14 PM
on Feb 16, 2012

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I thought the same thing. I'm guessing more people who DO their Visiting Teaching responded than not. I also know there are a lot who "think" they've done their Visiting Teaching, but when you meet someone in the grocery store, the people you visit don't always realize they've been taught!

londoner said...

06:56 AM
on Feb 20, 2012

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I agree with the others. I do a quick lesson followed by a chat. And I don't necessarily do a home visit every month. Sometimes I phone up my sisters and talk to them or I send a card with the message included. So your poll doesn't really fit what I do. Addressing the comment "It's interesting that while 78% do their visiting teaching every month, only 37% are visited every month", it is important to remember the Church outside of Utah is quite different. In my ward for example, there aren't enough sisters *willing* to go visit teach so whilst we go out each month, many of us don't have a person assigned to us (which BTW, isn't an option in the poll so I had to choose I don't know who mine are when in fact none are assigned to me).
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