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Caucuses attracting extra attention this year due to LDS Church encouragement

March 13, 2012
source: Salt Lake Tribune

Photo from Salt Lake Tribune.

MR says: If your ward is like mine, during Sacrament meeting your bishop read a letter from the First Presidency encouraging members to attend caucuses this year.

A tiny percentage of Utah voters usually attend political party caucuses. But voters are being prodded to go this year through millions of dollars of ads, mailers and "robocalls" usually seen only in primary or general elections — plus unprecedented, repeated over-the-pulpit pleas from the LDS Church.

How important are the meetings this week?

"The U.S. Senate race will be won or lost in the caucuses," said Russ Walker, national political director of FreedomWorks for America, a group trying to oust Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

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sweetcarol126 said...

09:39 PM
on Mar 15, 2012

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We do need to be involved in politics and follow our common sense. But there are both democrats and republicans in the church and people have different opinions about a number of things. One thing we are though is LDS and believe strongly in the gospel.
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