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{A&E} Poll: What's Your Favorite Musical?

LDS Living - March 30, 2012

Sandra Turley: On Broadway.

Vote in our poll for your favorite musicals, or tell us if we're missing any!

LDS Broadway star Sandra Turley released her debut album, Sandra Turley: On Broadway, this week. Featuring songs like "Popular," "The Sound of Music," and "Les Miserables Medley" and a sound straight from the stage, the album is sure to please any listener who is a fan of musicals.

“The melodies in this album tell tales of their own," Turley says, "but coupled with masterful lyrics and poetic imagery, these songs become stories that can capture our hearts."

So, what songs and stories have captured your heart? The release of Turley's album got us thinking about some of our favorites, but what are yours? Take our poll below to find out.

You can also visit our Facebook page to enter to win one of five copies of the new album or click here to get more product details.

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dancingviking said...

07:14 AM
on Mar 31, 2012

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How could you leave off Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Best. Musical. Ever.

spin2219 said...

08:30 PM
on Mar 31, 2012

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Yeah, Newsies! And now it's actually become a Broadway musical which is getting great reviews. Once I learned the "Seize the Day" dance with some other young women in my ward. Great fun. I've always thought it was one of those movies that has an unusually large Mormon fan base.

hallball said...

09:54 AM
on Apr 05, 2012

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So many good ones it is hard to pick just one.

nitecall said...

10:22 AM
on Apr 05, 2012

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You forgot my favorite musical, "Little Shop of Horrors".

obewankanoboe said...

12:42 PM
on Apr 06, 2012

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My favorite: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I've got 7 real brothers to fill the spots.
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