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{Poll} Mother's Day vs. Father's Day

Kate Ensign-Lewis - May 10, 2012


Mothers and fathers are equally important in a child's life. How do the days in which we honor them compare?

Sunday will be my first real Mother's Day. Last year on that day, I was unhappily sitting in church, very pregnant, one day overdue with my son. Why couldn't he have arrived in time for Mother's Day? I thought. (Obviously the wound is still fresh.) But I digress.

More than anything, I've been looking forward to the simple joy of holding my own child on that day for quite some time. But even before I was really a mother, I had been honored along with other women in my past wards for being a future mother. I've seen flowers, heard songs, and eaten chocolate (no complaints there). Occasionally the men of the ward have taken over the women's non-Relief Society Sunday callings so those women could attend Relief Society.

On the other hand, I vaguely remember that Father's Day has been celebrated in these wards, though I honestly can't remember if my dad or my husband received any small gifts. However, growing up, my dad got just as much attention as my mom did on her day (with perhaps slightly fewer presents).

What's been your experience? How have the two days compared in your life, and do they get a different amount of attention? 

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What have you recently given/gotten at church for Mother's Day?

What have you recently given/gotten at church for Father's Day?

If you're not a mother/father, how do you feel about being recognized with the mothers/fathers in your ward?

In your current and past wards, has Mother's Day typically gotten more attention than Father's Day?

In your family, does Mother's Day get more attention than Father's Day?

Why do you think one day gets more attention from another, and should that change? Leave a comment below.

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marianne said...

09:23 AM
on May 11, 2012

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Mother's Day is a very difficult day for many in the church who desire children but have not been blessed with them for one reason or another. Seems like the focus of the day should be about celebrating our own mothers rather than on ourselves as mothers.

cattewoman said...

07:04 PM
on May 14, 2012

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Father's Day gets way more attention, because Mother's attend to Father's Day and vice versa. Celebrating Mother's Day just doesn't play to a man's strengths.
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