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Provo City Center Temple groundbreaking

May 13, 2012
source: LDS Church News

Photo from LDS Church News.
Out of the ashes of a beloved tabernacle, the Church will build the Provo City Center Temple, said Elder Jeffrey R. Holland on May 12.

Presiding at the groundbreaking of Provo's second temple, Elder Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve dedicated "already sacred ground for an even more sacred purpose."

A devastating fire gutted the historic Provo Tabernacle in December of 2010. Originally constructed between 1883 and 1898, the building was a community gathering place for meetings and cultural events in Provo.

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sweetcarol126 said...

12:57 PM
on May 14, 2012

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Mia Love, the young LDS Republican who is running for congress is good. It shows that people can be black and a Mormon. Now I wish that some of the Democrats in the church would run for Congress. If I were younger and had more wealth, I might consider it myself. We don't just think about wealth and greed, but also about our widows and widowers, our old and our poor. Certainly cannot say that there is no poor among them in the US, though we are trying to help our people get by. The economy, pitched on its ear by two wars, is certainly the cause of the downturn that occurred, as well as the greed of bankers and the negativity of Congress. the economy has been coming back for months and too many are claiming that the rich have to keep getting richer in order to have businesses, but the past record hasn't shown that. There should never have been a tax cut for the wealthy as they were not paying an equal share as it was. They have all kinds of perks from the companies and from their investments where they are not taxed as the regular working person. Our poor are increasing and the middle class is shrinking. That is what happens in countries that are not democratic, like in central or South America or other 3rd world countries. It reminds me of the wealthy standing on the steps of the houses of worship and the poor are coming begging for food and they are turned away. We have to stop that. We do need to help people and to try to get them off welfare, but we need a good means to do that without reducing medicare and social security which covers our older Americans and we need to make sure kids are fed as well as the adults and the mentally ill which have been turned out into the streets to fend for themselves. It seems that democratic is more of a true Christian in this world by helping take care of the poor rather than judging them too harshly. Many do want jobs.
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