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{Poll} The Wedding Thank-you

Kaela Worthen Gardner - May 17, 2012


Having recently gotten married, I'm now facing the daunting task of sending thank-you cards. What rules do you think are most important when sending cards?

It's a given that thank-you cards should be sent when people come to your wedding and give you gifts. But the exact manner in which this should be done seems cluttered by a lot of rules and sometimes debate. I've seen some that are monogrammed in sealed envelopes and others that are just postcards, some with photos and some not. Some mention the gift (and some mention the wrong gift), and some add a personal note while others are more formulaic. What's okay and what's not? You tell me.

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How do you feel about getting gift thank-yous?

When is the latest you should be sending out a thank-you card?

How important is it to handwrite everything?

What should be included in the thank you?

What about gifts of money?

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piret said...

04:28 AM
on May 17, 2012

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The most important rule about thanking for wedding gifts is to DO IT! These days people seem to spend a great deal on their gifts and they should be acknowledged - also, everybody needs to know their gift didn't disappear into a crack in the floor, or something.

jice said...

04:55 PM
on May 18, 2012

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Wow I'm surprised how uptight the response is. A thank you is nice, but if it doesn't happen I don't feel bad and most of the time I don't even notice. I figure it's an expense (cards, envelopes, stamps) that I'd rather the happy couple not have to deal with if they are on a tight budget. I give a gift to celebrate them and to help them out... not so I get a thank you card. Like I said it's nice to have one, but I'd rather the couple use the money they would spend on thank you cards on something more practical.

stocky said...

07:14 AM
on May 24, 2012

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It isn't important for us to get a thank-you for what we give, however it is most important for the receiver to acknowledge the gift with some kind of thank-you. We are becoming an ungrateful people and this is an easy way to show our appreciation for gifts and money. I don't need a pat on the back for doing something for someone, or giving them a gift, but it sure shows me some solid character when they do express thanks in some way.
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