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{Poll} Family Size

Ashley Evanson - May 24, 2012


Apparently family size is going back up in America (after dipping down). How do Mormon families reflect these trends?

I recently ran across a study about family size in the United States that says the average household size has gone from 3.67 in 1930 down to 2.62 in 2000, but is now going back up. Interesting. I suspect some of that has to do with young adults moving back in with their parents due to economic circumstances, but not entirely.

Mormon families don't really fit into these statistics, though. Having only two children is on the lower end of the spectrum, and six is not really a novelty, especially if you live in Utah. I'm curious, though, has the Mormon household size followed the national trend, just on our own Mormon scale? Take the quiz below and let's find out.

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How many kids were in your family growing up?

How many kids of your own do you have (or plan to have)?

Do you think the size of Mormon families has gotten smaller?

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cubby said...

06:34 AM
on May 24, 2012

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Living in Idaho I had a nice little family with 5 children and foster kids, exchange students or Indian Placement students filling the rooms with fun. I personally think that unless a mother is able to stay at home and be a full time on the job mom, a smaller family is a wise decision. Likewise in countries where population has outstripped resources and raising a big family is discouraged or even forbidden, I think that it is wise to have a smaller family and be wise stewards of the resources available, both mother earth and personal and family resources. When I was a young mother I recall other young LDS mothers on prozac because they could not cope. To me that is not wise.

momto3 said...

07:17 AM
on May 24, 2012

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I think the number of children per LDS family has gone down because of converts who have joined the church after they are done having children. This has been my observation. This poll does not take into account whether you grew up in an LDS family or other circumstances. My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer six months after her third child was born.
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