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The makings of a bad Mormon dessert

May 31, 2012
source: Public Radio Kitchen

Photo from Public Radio Kitchen.

MR says: A couple hosted a "bad" Mormon food party, and this author humorously gives an account of the event and a little history of why Mormons eat certain foods.

Last month I attended a food event with a pretty unusual theme. It was an author reading (fair enough) and held at a private home in Belmont. But it was billed as a “Bad Mormon Desserts” party.

A what?

In truth, I was not as interested in the author/book as I was in learning just what constitutes a “Mormon” dessert, let alone a “bad” one. (My preoccupation with the food quickly shifted once I met the featured author, Joanna Brooks – a powerhouse of a personality despite her small stature — and heard her read excerpts from her superbly written Book Of Mormon Girl, which Brooks herself described as “cheeky,” both in title and content. But I digress here; back to the desserts.)

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ferrell337 said...

08:00 AM
on Jun 01, 2012

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Joanna Brooks is about two steps away from apostate. Why do you people continue to give her a voice within mainstream Mormonism?

traveler said...

09:15 AM
on Jun 01, 2012

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I could never live in Utah,because I hate 'things' in my jello and have a preference for cherry and grape flavors(with a little cool whip,on occassion).I understand that green jello(in around 400 variations?)is the choice in Utah, so I'm already 'apostate'!We also can,a lot.(double 'apostate'!) There's nothing more gratifying in winter than to chomp on my home made goodies from the summer harvest.Besides,I know what's in it and what country it came from!And another reason I couldn't live in Utah is that you all don't have saurkraut with your Thanksgiving dinners! That is absolutely barbaric and 'un American'!!And don't even get me going on our staple of grits and the divine glory of Virginia smoked ham! As to Joanna Brooks,just read up on her, and from her own statements,you all can keep her,along with that 'twilight' yahoo.And to ferrell337,get ready for the'pot shots'because we're both gonna get'em!Now,to make up a batch of cherry jello!
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