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A Little-noticed Place in Nauvoo

Wayne E. Brickey - FUN FOR LESS - June 06, 2012

Photo from Fun For Less.

The Seventies Hall in Nauvoo had a rough start, as it was destroyed by a tornado, but work continued and it's now a beautiful monument. It shows a legacy of education and preparation that the LDS Church continues today.

The Seventies Hall is a two-story brick structure once devoted to the grand principle of preparation. It had a rough start, for during construction it was destroyed by a tornado. That led some to feel  that, with all their other challenges, they might be justified in letting this project go.

But no. Joseph had initiated it, and his successor knew it was vital. So, insisting on thicker walls this time, and issuing an urgent timetable, Brigham saw it through. At last, in December of 1844, he dedicated it to the Lord.

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