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{Lifestyle} Ultimate Guide: Knee-length Skirts

Ashley Evanson - June 28, 2012

Looking for a modest skirt to wear to church or just around? Look no further. LDS Living has compiled a few fashionable knee-length (or longer) skirts to keep you cool and covered this summer.


Photo from Forever 21 

B&W Polka Dot Skirt - $19.80 


Photo from Modcloth

Swish & Spin Skirt - $42.99 


Photo from DownEast Basics

Drawing Parallels Skirt - $36.99 


Photo from ModBe

Corner Market Skirt - $46 


Photo from Shabby Apple

Summer Break Skirt - $52 


Photo from Forever 21

Colorblock Pleats Skirt - $22.80 


Photo from Walmart

A-Line Skirt - $14 


Photo from Modcloth

Luncheon Chic Skirt - $47.99 


Photo from Forever 21

Matelasse Midi Skirt - $12.80 


Photo from DownEast Basics

Afternoon Picnic Skirt - $34.99 


Photo from Shabby Apple

Teacher's Pet Skirt - $48 


Photo from Old Navy

Chevron-Stripe Skirt - $17.50 


Photo from Banana Republic

Matchstick Skirt - $89.40 


Photo from Macy's

Polka Dot Skirt - $24.99 

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brodd said...

11:35 AM
on Jun 28, 2012

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I love most of these skirts! The only problem is that even though they are knee length, when you walk people can see your garments. It's unfortunate because they are so cute!

sisterk8mcginnis said...

11:42 AM
on Jun 28, 2012

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Most of them are cute, but very few, if any, would fit or flatter a plus-sized woman like myself. I really wish more thought had been put into this article for those of us who are not a size 2. Also, like brodd said, it's difficult to wear knee length skirts as an endowed sister... no matter what you do, they never seem to be long enough.

nel76 said...

07:16 AM
on Jun 30, 2012

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I wear a knee length skirt every week and I am 5'10". My garments NEVER show and I am in the Primary so I am rarely just sitting nicely! I wish you didn't use so many skirts from ModBod and Down East Basics. Those of us who don't live in Utah don't have such easy access to those. Let's expand our horizons a little bit. You can find cute, modern church clothes lots of places. You just have to be willing to spend the time looking.

noemchen said...

12:00 PM
on Jul 11, 2012

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I live outside of the US and in Europe skirts are very short sometimes and it takes a long time to find a modest one for church. And I agree with Nel76, I wear knee length skirts a lot and my garments never show either. Maybe one of us here can provide a website for patterns to make our own skirts and have them as long as we want them independent from any store!

moss said...

11:58 PM
on Jul 12, 2012

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These are great! None of these would show my garments, walking, sitting or whatever.
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