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Mormonism: good for the body as well as the soul?

June 20, 2012
source: Washington Post


MR says: The study found that Mormons who were married, had never smoked, attended church weekly and had at least 12 years of education had some of the lowest death rates ever reported.

Forget South Beach. Will the next great nutrition fad be the Provo Diet?

Mormon religious beliefs have gotten plenty of scrutiny in this election, but what about the Mormon lifestyle? Turns out there is evidence that Latter-Day Saints are more likely than the rest of us to actually live into their latter days.

At a presentation sponsored by the Ethics and Public Policy Center earlier this week, Michael Otterson, the church’s managing director for public affairs, presented a variety of statistics that might bring in a few converts to the church’s lifestyle, if not its religious doctrines.

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