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Mitt Romney worships with family on vacation in New Hampshire

July 02, 2012
source: Washington Post

Photo from Washington Post.

MR says: The press isn't ever notified of Romney's church worship, but an AP reporter happened to attend the same ward on Sunday.

Every year, Mitt Romney and his family spend a week at his estate on picturesque Lake Winnipesaukee. They go boating, play games — and attend church, an expression of the faith that’s fundamentally shaped the Republican presidential candidate.

Romney, the first Mormon to clinch the presidential nomination of a major party, attended services Sunday with his wife, Ann, five sons, five daughters-in-law and 18 grandchildren. They made up nearly a third of the congregation that gathered inside the small, nondescript building that houses this tiny resort town’s branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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