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'Shot@Life' for children through immunizations

July 17, 2012
source: LDS Church News

Photo from LDS Church News.

MR says: The U.N. Foundation, Church and others are aiming to wipe out measles.

A United Nations-sponsored initiative to eradicate measles and other endemic diseases around the world was introduced in Salt Lake City on July 11, where it recognized and honored the Church's past efforts in this regard.

The "Shot@Life" campaign is conducted by the United Nations Foundation to spread the word that "timely vaccination is one of the simplest and most effective ways to give every child a healthy shot at life."

Fred Riley, manager of special projects for the Church's Humanitarian Services, was part of a five-member panel discussion held at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum.

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opr said...

08:04 PM
on Sep 10, 2012

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Readers of this article may not realize that there are some serious problems with respect to vaccination, including the fact that many of today's vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue. For documentation of that fact and an interesting discussion on the entire issue, type the word vaccines in the search window on this site ( and go to the comment sections of all three articles dated 8-9-11. There you will also find information about how to deal with concerns about missionary vaccinations in an appropriate manner.
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