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Obama’s Muslim problem = Romney’s Mormon problem

July 27, 2012
source: Washington Post

Photo from Washington Post.

MR says: In other words, only about one out of 10 likely Romney and Obama supporters have some reservations about their candidate’s religion.

President Obama’s “religion” may be just as much of a liability as Mitt Romney’s (actual) Mormon religion.

According to a new poll from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, more people are concerned about Obama’s religion (19 percent) than about Romney’s (13 percent).

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sweetcarol126 said...

02:57 AM
on Jul 30, 2012

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However, Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim at all. It is only red necks and the ignorant who think he does. They can see his birth certificte as well and still claim he was born elsewhere. It is called racial prejudice. Romney may have some prejudice because he is a Mormon, but it is the ignorance about the actual church and he, at least, is a Mormon. I don't see how the two can be compared since one is not and the other is other than people's ignorance. In one case they want to believe Obama is not Christian and for Romney they don't recognize that Mormons are Christians.l
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