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Romney on Israel: More GOP Than LDS

July 31, 2012
source: Religion Dispatches


MR says: This Islamic Studies BYU professor doesn't think Romney explained his comment on the economics of Israel (or how they relate to his LDS faith) very well. Here's why...

When Mitt Romney claimed “culture” and the “hand of Providence” led to Israel’s economic superiority over the Palestinians at a Jerusalem fundraiser this morning, he was hardly reading from a Mormon script.

Daniel C. Peterson, professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic in the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages at Brigham Young University, editor in chief of the BYU Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, and author of the book Abraham Divided: An LDS Perspective on the Middle East, said in an interview that growing up as a Mormon in California in the 1960s, most Latter-Day Saints were “very militantly pro-Israeli.”

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