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‘Book of Mormon Girl’ gets audience with Jon Stewart

August 07, 2012
source: Salt Lake Tribune

MR says: Brooks isn't a typical Mormon woman and hopes to show Jon Stewart not all Mormons fit the perceived stereotype.

A national book editor once told Joanna Brooks that if she were a Presbyterian married to a Jew, her coming-of-age autobiography would find a ready audience across the nation. Interfaith marriages are big, the editor said. But a Mormon? No way.

So Brooks, an award-winning scholar of religion and American culture and senior correspondent for, published the book herself in January.

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ferrell337 said...

07:18 AM
on Aug 08, 2012

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Why do you promote this woman? I wouldn't tell people if she was speaking at a dog fight in the woods. Her views are off in left field and she thrives on exposing what she believes is the "real" mormon story.

moss said...

03:09 PM
on Aug 08, 2012

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I am looking forward to her appearance. I think she has important things to say.

jasonman said...

09:15 AM
on Aug 09, 2012

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Thank you for linking to this story. I've realized lately that I have some views that aren't typical in our faith and that's been a challenge... stories like this help me realize that's OK.
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