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A True Quorum: Priests work together to include everyone

August 13, 2012
source: LDS Church News

Photo from LDS Church News.

MR says: This story and photo gallery make me tear up. A priest quorum took turns carrying one of the young men, who has cerebral palsy, so he could come to camp.

Putting together meaningful and exciting summer camp for a group of priest-age boys in the Church can challenge even the best leaders. It takes spiritual insight, time and creativity to pull it off. For the priest quorum leadership of the Rosehill Ward, Morgan Utah North Stake, in Mountain Green, Utah, getting all ten priests from various backgrounds, Church activity levels, physical abilities and family situations would be difficult but not impossible.

Under the leadership of Bishop Tyler Quigley, priest quorum leaders made preparations for a summer camp on July 22 on the East shore of Bear Lake. The purpose for the trip would be to include everyone in the quorum. As the time drew close, all the priests had to commit to attend. One of the last to commit was Ryan Jarrett, a young man with cerebral palsy.

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