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The "Mormon Issue" is not going away

August 15, 2012
source: Christian Post


MR says: This writer speculates why 22 percent of Americans wouldn't trust a Mormon.

It is the number that may very well define the outcome of the 2012 presidential race. Less than a year ago, a Gallup poll revealed that twenty-two percent of Americans said they would not vote for a Mormon to be president. Only atheists and gays rated less popular. And breaking this number down between Republicans and Democrats did not improve the picture. The same poll indicated that twenty percent of Republicans and twenty-seven percent of Democrats would not vote for a Mormon presidential candidate. Gallop also reported that these percentages have remained essentially unchanged since 1967 when the firm first began polling on the issue of Mormons in politics.

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bridget said...

03:51 PM
on Aug 16, 2012

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I wish Romney would actually give them more of a "Mormon" issue to contend with. I wish he would staunchly stand by Christian values instead of siding against the Lord on issues like abortion and homosexuals being in Boy Scouts. (Romney's past "belief" that abortion was okay goes directly against what the Lord thinks of abortion. And everyone knows what the Lord thinks of exposing children to sexual perversions.) If Romney would stop trying to be political and repent before the Lord, then the Lord could get behind him. As it is, Romney is on his own.

sweetcarol126 said...

09:08 PM
on Aug 16, 2012

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And is it us who are to judge abortion or homosexuality? Romney and some other boys held down a boy and cut off his long hair because they thought him to be a homosexual. Was that what the Lord would have us do? I think not. We are to govern ourselves and obey the law as we understand it and God's law, I mean. However, others are responsible for their own choices. No, that does not mean allowing children to be molested, but there is no indiction that there would be assault on children by homosexuals, not anymore than are heterosexual. Both are perversions and illegal. However, are we to decide when adults make choices? No one is forcing us to participate in those events. Even in Sodom and Gomorrah, it was God who acted not Abraham or Lot. God judges and we need to remember that. Isn't it funny that there is such racial bias that people who would never otherwise vote for a Mormon will now do so and it isn't his politics they object to. They have spent 4 years fighting him when he came into office willing to work with them for consensus and compromise to work things out and the "do-nothing" congress stalled on everyhting. Obama's problem was that when he had a majority he did not act because he was willing to work together with the Republicans. Now Romney would vote to put his taxes at 1% or lower while raising middle class by $2000 and cutting medicare, scial security and decreasing the number on medicaid. It is rich et richer and poor poorer and middle class disappears. Doesn't it remind you of the rich in their apparel on the temple steps or tabernacle steps and turning away the poor as they came asking for admittance and for assistance? It does me. God does not want the CEO's to be hugely wealthy while they deprive the poor ofa living or reduce the middle class which holds things together. But this is a test to see the choices we make. We need to reinstate the taxes that have been on the 2% for a long time but which Bush reduced. We need to have compassion and the CEO's need to be concerned about the people who work for them, not to say that they like firing people.
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