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Are you getting what YOU need out of motherhood?

August 16, 2012
source: Motherhood Matters

Photo from Motherhood Matters.

MR says: Questions to think about: What do you enjoy doing the most with your children? Are you doing what you enjoy as much as you can and should?

As I was folding laundry this morning, I found a tiny little baby sock somehow mixed in with all my kids’ relatively large socks. Then as I folded jeans, I put a pair in my pile before realizing they were actually my son’s jeans. My babies are seven years old now. My oldest baby is 12 – a full-on pre-teen with the surliness and unpredictable maturity that comes with the territory.

I now have 5 kids in elementary school. I have 6 hours of kid-less time each day to accomplish things without interruptions (I still have to pinch myself daily…). I have 5 kids who can dress themselves and put on their own socks and shoes. I have 5 kids who can read. I have 5 fun people around to talk to about all sorts of interesting things and to accompany me to the library and to museums and to instigate bike rides and art projects and family read-a-thons.

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