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NBC takes inside look at 'Mormons in America'

August 24, 2012
source: KSL

Photo from KSL.

MR says: You may disagree, but we think NBC focused way too much on "fringe" aspects of the LDS Church. A little too biased for us.

On Thursday at 9 p.m., NBC aired an hour-long special about what it means to be "Mormon in America." A Utah couple interviewed for the documentary said they were a bit disappointed in the final product.

The focus of this week's "Rock Center with Brian Williams" was entirely on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints including its history, controversies, and customs through the eyes of individual members, families and the church historian.

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byupapa said...

08:24 AM
on Aug 25, 2012

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I felt that the program was biased against the church. Brian Williams chose to ask person who had never been to the temple about the temple. She was now not a church member and had married out of the faith. He also presented the churches position on the priesthood by asking a woman who is a member but not in agreement with the church leaders about the priesthood. He also chose to accentuate the problems associated with the stand on Gay Rights. I felt that the program was more a political attack against Mitt Romney than a sincere effort to really understand Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Finally, Many questions to church members were totally inappropriate with respect to human reationships. The questions would never be asked of members of any other church.

mamajoy@47 said...

08:46 AM
on Aug 25, 2012

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I could sense Brian Willaims' own dislike of the church. He seemed disgusted by the whole thing. Now this news network needs to do another piece interviewing devout member of the LDS church. If they want someone famous why not Glayds Knight or someone like that?

mamajoy@47 said...

08:49 AM
on Aug 25, 2012

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showing the garments was way over the line! these are sacred to us. does anyone understand the definition of a covenant?!
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