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Fox News still doesn't get LDS temples

August 27, 2012
source: Examiner

Photo from Examiner.

MR says: Michael Otterson, the LDS Church head of public affairs, recently re-invited the public to visit a Mormon church any Sunday to see what goes on because of misunderstandings like the one discussed in this article.

During an on-air exchange Friday afternoon, Fox News political analyst Juan Williams commented with some intensity about how a person could walk into a black church and see what is going on but he couldn't do that in a Mormon Temple, in essence asking why not?

In fairness he’s not the only person who still doesn't understand the distinction between regular churches and temples in the Mormon faith. Hopefully if he did, he wouldn't have been so condemning of the church on national TV.

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flaggal said...

06:54 AM
on Aug 28, 2012

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Mr. Williams is blinded by his racism.

lange said...

09:45 AM
on Aug 28, 2012

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since when has Fox News or Juan Williams got anything right? They are not known for their accuracy in reporting.

julesmama said...

02:59 PM
on Sep 01, 2012

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The thing is anybody is allowed to come into an LDS (aka Mormon) CHURCH building just as anybody can walk into any other church. The meetinghouse and the temple are 2 different buildings. If someone wants to see what the inside of a temple looks like, go to an open house or search the internet.. LDS people do not hide that nor is it hidden what goes on, you can look in the Bible for that information. I wish people would understand the difference between secret and sacred.

hpsauce said...

05:08 PM
on Sep 08, 2012

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So-o-o you are going to tell me what is right or wrong? I'll listen to the Prophet and revelation. If I don't get it right then I'll learn from it. Also we do have free-agency! She-e-esh!
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