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Rumors of Mormon Wars

August 30, 2012
source: American Spectator

Photo from The American Spectator.

MR says: The article gets a little snarky toward the end, but I liked the overall message: the media is willing to twist the truth to sell a story, even if it means throwing someone (in this case the LDS Church) under the bus.

Rumor had it that for the first time in 160 years, Nauvoo, Illinois was experiencing a Mormon problem. It all started during the rebuilding of the Mormon temple in 2002, when a big city reporter came to town looking for a front page story. Most likely he had the story written before he arrived. The headline, at least: Bigoted, pitchfork wielding villagers up in arms over return of Mormons.

That wasn't the impression we got on our recent visit to the "City of Joseph." If there was any conflict between the locals and the Mormon missionaries and tourists we didn't see it. And, trust me, we looked.

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