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Mormon singles, LDS singles wards rise as members delay marriage

September 14, 2012
source: Huffington Post

Photo from Huffington Post.

MR says: This is a really well-written piece on the growing numbers of LDS singles - their struggles, the reasons why they're still single, what they're doing to find marriage - love it.

In this sleepy suburb just south of Salt Lake City, hundreds of men and women recently descended upon one of the hottest, most competitive and nerve-wracking social scenes in the state. They came in their best cars, littering an overcapacity parking lot with double-parked BMWs and Corvettes, and strutted into a bright and airy building in crisp suits and colorful dresses.

Steve Rinehart worked the room, which had the look of a large, converted high school basketball court with rows of folding chairs. He circled the aisles, scoping out the women and peering over shoulders for friends.

"It's a meat market," Rinehart, 36, said with a sigh before giving it a shot. He approached a slim woman in her early 30s who was seated alone. They shook hands. She said she was a librarian. He said he was a lawyer. She gave a lukewarm smile and looked at her phone. "Typical," Rinehart muttered to himself as he walked away before running into an ex-girlfriend who had saved him a chair.

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texasmommy said...

07:22 AM
on Sep 15, 2012

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It's better to wait and find the right person than to rush and marry the wrong one... believe me, I rushed and married the wrong one and now I will be paying for it for the rest of my life (as I have for the past 15 years).
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