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W.S. Journal: Muslims, Mormons and liberals

September 18, 2012
source: Wall Street Journal

Photo from Wall Street Journal.

MR says: "In the consensus view of modern American liberalism, it is hilarious to mock Mormons and Mormonism but outrageous to mock Muslims and Islam. Why?" -Wall Street Journal

'Hasa Diga Eebowai" is the hit number in Broadway's hit musical "The Book of Mormon," which won nine Tony awards last year. What does the phrase mean? I can't tell you, because it's unprintable in a family newspaper. ...

The "Book of Mormon"—a performance of which Hillary Clinton attended last year, without registering a complaint—comes to mind as the administration falls over itself denouncing "Innocence of Muslims." This is a film that may or may not exist; whose makers are likely not who they say they are; whose actors claim to have known neither the plot nor purpose of the film; and which has never been seen by any member of the public except as a video clip on the Internet.

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godislove said...

10:00 PM
on Sep 19, 2012

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Good article. We need to push for the moderate Muslims to please stand up to rescue their religion from extremism. The major piece that is missing - the economic and political meddling of the U.S. in the Middle East. Propping up medieval dictators who create mind-blowing wealth gaps with oil money - that's terrible foreign policy. Not only does it create desperately poor and militantly ignorant also makes these folks hyper-vigilant about further Western insults. It doesn't justify their response - but it does lend some necessary context.
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