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Mormon Media Observer: Papers post robust defense of Latter-day Saints

September 25, 2012
source: Deseret News


MR says: The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal posted robust defenses of Latter-day Saints — and that's worth noting.

Kudos to Bret Stephens for his defense of Latter-day Saints. Kudos to Simon Critchley for a similarly generous article. And kudos to the always terrific Laurie Goodstein at the New York Times for her article about a fragment of a document suggesting Jesus may have had a wife. In a way she didn't likely intend, Goodstein enhanced my faith in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

More on the Goodstein piece in a moment.

First, as a fan of the American news media at its best, I can't let pass my take on the first two pieces, oft-mentioned columns from last week that provided robust defenses of Latter-day Saints in two of America's leading news outlets.

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