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Missionaries take colorful approach to spread the gospel

October 09, 2012
source: Houston Chronicle

Photo from Houston Chronicle.

MR says: What a creative idea! Missionaries in Texas are using sidewalk chalk art to spark conversations about the gospel.

Caden Jensen and Ryan Maccarthy knelt on a Clear Lake sidewalk, chalk crayons in hand, drawing pictures depicting the "Plan of Salvation," the Mormon account of man's creation and destiny.

Jensen, 20, and Maccarthy, 19, missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, were engaged in something a little different from what most Mormon missionaries do.

The series of drawings, several yards apart, provides a visual guide through the stages of humanity's existence as recounted in Mormon scriptures, including the Bible and the Book of Mormon. They begin with "pre-Earth" and finish with "resurrection and judgment." Each drawing is captioned with a specific scriptural reference.

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