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Sports Illustrated: Changes in Mormon church could have impact on BYU, recruiting

October 10, 2012
source: Sports Illustrated

Photo from Sports Illustrated.

MR says: The writer says that most universities prefer this change and could help in recruiting, but it does complicate things for the next little while.

Damarcus Harrison found himself in the middle of a nightmare in August.

Harrison is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- he's a Mormon -- and his plan, like so many Mormon students, was to enroll in college for a year before spending two years on a mission. But unfortunately for Harrison, a former top 100 wing who averaged 3.2 points in nine minutes per game for BYU last season, the bishop of his church back in South Carolina wouldn't issue the paperwork for his mission as originally planned.

The decision put Harrison's season in jeopardy. BYU head coach Dave Rose, expecting Harrison to be away for two years, had already given his scholarship to someone else. That's not a knock on Rose; it's a reality he has to deal with. "It's a real challenge for us to plan for scholarships," Rose said. "Right now, we actually have a scholarship committed to a player who is verbally committed to us who is here through the 2019-20 season. The spreadsheet is quite complicated."

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bridget said...

05:07 PM
on Oct 10, 2012

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What was Harrison doing that his bishop wouldn't issue the paperwork for his mission as originally planned? Was the bishop just dropping the ball, or was there a reason for the delay? Say, something Harrison didn't repent of? Yeah, rules are already too lackadaisical when it comes to letting fornicators go on missions. Really. You have no business going on a mission if you've committed fornication. You have two choices (1) marry the girl or (2) bring the wrath of God down on your head forever. Now, before you poo-poo that, why don't you check with the Lord on his opinion about fornication? I assure you the Lord is not likely to let it pass with a, "Gee, I've repented of that, Bishop." In fact, the Lord is not going to let it pass at all. Ever. Possibly Harrison didn't personally do anything to cause the delay. So maybe it was all the bishop's fault. But you're getting no sympathy from me when you whine about BYU sports suffering. BYU has no business being in competitive sports, anyway. Sports are merely physical activities, and should be for fun, not competition. Yeah, go try to sell the Lord on your competitive sports, why don't you. He's not buying. That's because the Lord is about cooperation, not competition. Why don't you lose the ways of the world, Zion? As it is, you can't be distinguished from Babylon more than half the time.

wsw said...

06:06 AM
on Oct 11, 2012

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Bridget... kinda putting the cart before the horse. It's really none of your business on the reasons he can't submit his papers. Sharp judgement is a double edge sword. It can bite back. Whatever the reason ...that's between him and his bishop. Might try to put your anger away and focus on removing the mote in your own eye.

bridget said...

04:59 PM
on Oct 22, 2012

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Perhaps the beam in your eye is sufficient, wsw, to cause you to miss the entire point, which is that Mormons have no business being involved in worldly pursuits which displease the Lord. I assure you the Lord is not pleased with competitive sports in the least. Want to argue with me? Why don't you take it up with Him?

moss said...

09:31 PM
on Oct 23, 2012

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I'm pretty sure that the atonement is still in effect and you can repent of stuff like 'fornication' without marrying anyone or burning in some sort of hell.
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