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{A&E} Poll: 'Favoritest' Primary Song of All: Final Round

Ashley Evanson - October 18, 2012

It's time to choose the all-time most favorite Primary song of them all! Choose from these five favorites from the LDS Children's Songbook and help us crown the winner.

8774You've helped us narrow down the Primary songs to your favorite top five and, wow, this last poll is going to be a tough decision! I was impressed to see a few lesser-known and less spiritual songs put up a good fight, like "Popcorn Popping," "Picture a Christmas," and "Mary's Lullaby." But I'm not really surprised to see the top five as Primary classics. 

You can check out the results from Round I and Round II, or see what other readers had to say about their favorite song on our Facebook page.

Good luck to your "favoritest" Primary song!

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Which is your favorite of these Primary songs?

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