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Ann Romney corrects Whoopi Goldberg on LDS faith

October 19, 2012
source: Politico

Photo from Politico.

MR says: Ann handled this "gotcha" question wonderfully.

Ann Romney corrected Whoopi Goldberg about military service and the Mormon faith after being pressed by “The View” co-host during Thursday’s show.

“As first lady, if you get the job, it’s going to entail a lot of things, and one of those things is going to be talking to the mothers whose children are coming home in bags, you know, from wars,” Goldberg said. “Now, I believe that your religion doesn’t allow you to go fight?”

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bridget said...

04:55 PM
on Oct 22, 2012

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Too bad Ann didn't tell Whoopi that serving on a mission was going into battle for the Lord. Anyway, Whoopi is displaying the kind of ignorance that is common about Mormons, but she ought not to have done it in front of millions of people. This is why people who have no background in journalism may not be the best choice for a talk show host. Brother! Even a minimal understanding of the Mormon Church would make it evident that we serve in the military. Is Whoopi perhaps confusing us with the Jehovah Witnesses? This is commonly done, although we are the opposite from JWs, who claim that Christ is not Jehovah, and we know for an absolute fact He is. (Otherwise, we would have no Savior, for God alone is our Savior.) But I would not expect Whoopi to bother educating herself on who knows the Lord and who doesn't, since she perhaps knows very little of him herself. (Not excusable in a world in which the Bible is widely available.)

kippers2222 said...

05:03 PM
on Oct 22, 2012

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Bridget said "that serving on a mission was going into battle for the lord" Sounds like you are saying we are at war with other nations....Yes Whoopi might be alittle bias or maybe not educatied about the Mormon faith, but just because Ann is Mitt's wife and what she says does not mean that Mitt is right for the job as a president....

kippers2222 said...

09:11 PM
on Oct 22, 2012

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I'm sorry but I WILL NOT vote for mittens....I think he would be bad for this country.....

angelida said...

11:07 PM
on Oct 27, 2012

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I think if the rolls were reversed & it were the First Lady that Whoopi where interviewing, I don't think she would have been so adamant about the question. Or that would not even be a question on her list at all!! It's not like our president ever served our country in the military either. So yes Whoopi was being biased! And she clearly doesn't know about the LDS faith. She should have done her research before assuming something & just asking questions to try to either make Ann Romney look stupid or the LDS faith look bad. That's the problem with so many people that either don't know about it or go by what they hear, they don't take the time to research the facts or just don't care or want to. The information is there for them if they really wanted it. But we continually are judged & criticized for our beliefs, but most of what they think are false. It's sad really!

luckeyeth said...

11:54 AM
on Feb 01, 2013

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D&C 98, "The False God We Worship" by Spencer W Kimball. Too bad Ann Romney incorrectly corrected Whoopi Goldberg, because our scriptures certainly don't allow us to go fight - particularly when innocent lives are lost and called "collateral damage."
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