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Wash. Post Humor: Mormon says he’ll miss ‘cult’ lifestyle

October 22, 2012
source: Washington Post

Photo from Washington Post.

MR says: This is sarcasm at its best. I just hope someone who doesn't know about the LDS Church doesn't read this as literal.

The BGEA legitimized a group that has been excoriated for decades as anathema to good ol’ American values. In a simple—and, perhaps precipitous—move, the BGEA has made Mormons like me normal.

I confess that I’m going to miss the cult lifestyle. Staying up all night. Carousing with ne’er-do-wells. Terrorizing farm animals. Plotting to destroy the constitution. I remember, like it was yesterday, worshiping Stephen R. Covey for my 16th sixteenth birthday. Sigh. Once they’re gone, those days don’t come back.

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bridget said...

05:11 PM
on Oct 22, 2012

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This article is hilarious! Yeah, I guess we should all give up our "cult" status. Maybe we can all breath a sigh of relief and go back to obeying the Lord instead of trying to maintain this "cult" farce. What? You mean we were always required to obey the Lord, and in all things? What kinda cult is that? Um ... Yeah. I guess since Mormons admit you have to repent and actually obey the Lord, it would be hard to classify them as a cult. Officially, that is. (Of course, you will get Mormons who are not interested in obeying the Lord, only in justifying their own vices, but since all the Protestants and Catholics do that, too, I don't think it can be blamed on "cult" behavior ... just on humans who refuse to obey the Lord. Okay. Maybe you could say everybody who really isn't interested in obeying the Lord — especially in ALL THINGS — belongs to the cult of wickedness, but I notice that none of the other Christian religions are much willing to fess up to it. That's because many of them would belong to that particular cult themselves.)
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