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Brandon Flowers talks politics, Mormons on 'The Colbert Report'

October 24, 2012
source: The Celebrity Cafe

Photo from The Celebrity Cafe.

MR says: At least poor Flowers wasn't ambushed this time about his Mormon faith.

Comedic political analyst Stephen Colbert welcomed alternative rock band The Killers onto his show October 18, to talk on their new album Battle Born and perform a song.

After Colbert did a majority of his show, he then sat down with singer Brandon Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. briefly. He discussed the band's clean-cut reputation, how presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a fan, and the band's Mormon affiliation.

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bridget said...

11:27 AM
on Oct 25, 2012

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This is a clean-cut rock band? Why don't they all cut their hair and shave? Even the lead singer has a stupid hair with half of it shaved off. And then there's the name. The Killers? Bluck. Just because the lyrics seem cleaner than those in typical rock songs in no reason to listen to this group. I've heard some real Christian rock bands who can write and perform songs with a strong scriptural message, and if I must listen to rock, I'll listen to that.

doordi said...

10:02 PM
on Oct 26, 2012

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Whoa...Brandon Flowers is a Mormon in a business that uses profanity in music like it's penny candy. He has no problem saying he's Mormon and talking about it. If you don't like his music..then that is your PREFERENCE....many people love the Killers, Christian and Non-Christian. Why are you being so critical.....?

moss said...

10:55 AM
on Oct 30, 2012

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I love the Killers. Brandon Flowers has done a lot of good for the reputation of the Church by just being his honest self. Rock on.
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