Alex Boye Stars in Hilarious Ad That Shows How to Find Love at BYU

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BYU Campus Operators, they might not know everything, but they sure know how to create a hilarious ad. Chec...


Alex Boye Creates Beautiful, Unique Mashup of a Lullaby and Justin Beber

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Alex Boye and Al Fox Carraway Come Together for Incredible Music Video "Promised Land"

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When in search of "the one," there's almost no place some wouldn't go—including the promised land.  In...


Video: Alex Boye's "Refugee's Christmas" Is Unlike Any Christmas Song You've Heard Before

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Alex Boye's Creates Song for Pepsi, Explains How Faith Played a Crucial Part

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You wouldn't think singing the cover song for Pepsi's new YouTube channel would be a spiritual experience. ...


Alex Boyé Sings "Amazing Grace" in Swahili in Powerful, Surprising Video

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How 7 Famous Mormons Share Their Faith on Social Media

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9 Inspiring CDs to Help You Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

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Alex Boyé Baptizes Mother: I've Been Waiting for This Moment for 20 Years

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When he was 11 years old, Alex Boyé's mother told him she was returning to Nigeria for three weeks. "It tur...


I Dare You Not to Dance to This New Africanized Cover by Alex Boye

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With Alex Boye singing his own harmony and a fun, fast-paced beat, this song is sure to get you groovin' an...