3 Inspiring Stories from the Church in Honduras

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Though the small Central American country of Hondruas is marked by poverty and corruption, the members of t...


Exclusive Photos: Angel Moroni Placed on Cordoba Argentina Temple

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Currently, there are 14 LDS temples under construction with another 3 undergoing renovations and 13 more an...


Rediscovering the Miracles That Founded the Church In Jamiaca

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The LDS Church was frequently in the Jamaican media during the 1980s and 1990s, said Joseph Hamilton, a chu...


Building the Kingdom in Hawaii

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Sunset Beach on Oahu’s North Shore has long been home to some of the world’s best surfers, best waves and s...


How Mormons Around the World Are Helping Their Communities

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India: Church Sponsors Event for People With Disabilities People with various disabilities in India gathere...


5 Ways the Church is More Fun in Hawaii

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Chances are you have heard someone utter the phrase: “the Church is the same everywhere.” I have traveled q...


5 Things to Know about the Church in Japan

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1. President Kimball called the Tokyo temple dedication as “the most significant and important event in the...


5 Things to Know about the Church in Haiti

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1. The first Haitian member of the Church was converted after reading a Joseph Smith pamphlet.  A pair...


First LDS Stake Organized in Togo

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Members from 12 branches of the Church in Lomé, Togo, gathered in their recently dedicated Church building ...


The Armenian Mormon Exodus

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Another Exodus In 1921, as violence engulfed the collapsing Ottoman Empire, Moses Hindoian worked with Miss...