Church Announces Presidents for the Paris France and Sapporo Japan Temples (+5 More)

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The Deadliest Creature in the World & What It Teaches Us About the Gospel

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LDS Death Count Reaches 11 as Aftershocks Continue in Ecuador, Japan

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How Can We See Satan's Lies for What They Really Are?

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How Devils Tried to Stop the First Missionaries in England

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How and Why the Book of Mormon Tells Us More About Satan Than the Bible

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First Presidency Announces Dedication for Temples in Japan, Germany, and US

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Why Did Nephi Have to Kill Laban?

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POW Survivor, Convert: I'd Endure It All Again Just to Have the Book of Mormon

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Warning: This article contains some war content that might be disturbing for some readers. When my father, ...


Returned Missionary Turns Mission Experience Into a Unique Graphic Novel (Photos)

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MR says: How many of you returned missionaries can relate to these amazing drawings and comics of what...