Video: Adorable Boy Sets Goal to Make 33,000 People Smile After Losing His Parents

by LDS Living | October 2, 2015 | Videos

Passing out rubber ducks, giving hugs--6-year-old Jayden Hayes will do anything to make people smile, a goa...


Video: LDS Girl Burned Over 65 Percent of Her Body Gets Crowned Homecoming Queen in Hospital

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When the ATV that Baylee Hoaldridge, 15, was riding tipped on its side and burst into flames, Hoaldridge wa...


How Mormons Are Changing the Lives of Refugees Around the World

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Mormons in Europe, supported by church headquarters in the United States, are stepping up their aid to refu...


Video: "Homeless" Man Gives People on Temple Square Incredible, Heart-Warming Surprise

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If you've taken a stroll through Temple Square, along with the immaculate gardens and beautiful sculptures,...


The Terrible Advice Mormons Need to Stop Giving Other Members

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36-Year-Old LDS Dad with 40 Tumors: "I'm One of the Luckiest Guys on Earth"

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Paul Moore, 36, of Farmington, Utah, sits across from me on an oversized couch with his head resting agains...


Elder Scott's Son Shares the Most Profound Thing He Learned from His Father

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Elder Oaks Visits LDS Dancer Who Broke His Neck In Freak Bounce House Accident

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Support is pouring in from around the world for a BYU student involved in a tragic accident. Josh Hinton wa...


10 Ways to Find Hope in an Imperfect, Troubled Family

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A perfect example of the power of hope is the story of King Lamoni’s father in the Book of Mormon. He didn’...


40 Simple Ways to Uplift Refugees in Your Community (+ Incredible, Emotional Videos)

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Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about how many people in the world are in need—how many live without f...