LDS Husband Creates Adorable Secret Video for His Wife on Their Anniversay

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At 2:52 a.m. on the day of his wedding anniversary, Brad Devine was at the computer editing a surprise anni...


Video: Mormon Country Singer Takes in Man with Special Needs as Part of His Family

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Country singer Tim Gates has learned to live his life like the Savior did, serving and loving those around ...


Church Video: Lindsey Stirling Shares How to Follow Christ to Find Your Self-Worth

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Anorexia, depression, anxiety—these were just a few of the problems Lindsey Stirling battled as she tried t...


One Thing Your Loved Ones Who Leave the Church Need to Know

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When a loved one makes a decision that doesn't align with our beliefs, it can be painful and heartbreaking....


When God Doesn't Seem to Show Up When You Need Him Most

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What a beautiful testimony: "Heavenly Father had faith in Jesus.  "He had complete faith that in the m...


How Belgian Mormons Rallied Together in the Minutes, Days After the Brussels Bombings

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When the four wounded LDS missionaries vanished for hours after the Brussels attack, Mormons in Belgium set...


President Uchtdorf Shares His Story of Love at First Sight

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Saturday night, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf addressed the men in Priesthood session about building stronge...


One Thing in the Church That Saved Me from Suicide

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Church Shares 40 Ways to Help Refugees

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After the Church released a letter and website to support the new Relief Society initiative, "I Was a Stran...


3 Keys to Accepting the Atonement

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It is a difficult undertaking to write and describe the events of our Beloved Savior’s suffering and sacrif...