"The Toronto Star": Mormon Mommies Have the Best Blogs

by The Toronto Star | September 23, 2016 | Fun Makes You Think Mormon Life

Why have Mormon mommy bloggers become so popular, even among atheists? The reasons were a little unexpected...


Why We Need to Stop Putting on "Our Best Airs of Perfection" and Share the Messy Parts of Motherhood

by Joy Madsen | September 12, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

This article was originally published on Joy Madsen's Facebook page and was published on with...


How to Relate to Your Child Who Experiences Same-Gender Attraction

by M. Catherine Thomas, excerpted from "Voices of Hope: Latter-day Saint Perspectives on Same-Gender Attraction" | September 12, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following is an excerpt from Voices of Hope: Latter-day Saint Perspectives on Same-Gender Attraction , ...


U.S. Olympian Criticized for Comments on Motherhood, Why I Stand Behind Her

by Danielle B. Wagner | August 13, 2016 | Mormon Life

Kerri Walsh Jennings and her teammate Misty May-Treanor form what has often been called the greatest beach ...


3 Ways God Empowers Women in Motherhood

by Marie Bigelow | August 2, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As I grew up and watched my mother run the household and the day-to-day activities of family life, I though...


RM Nadia Khristean Teams Up with "The Piano Gal" on Touching Video Featuring Family of 35 Special Needs Children

by LDS Living Staff | July 20, 2016 | Mormon Life

Christie Jameson and her husband had two biological children of their own. However, they eventually came to...


Alex Boye Creates Hilariously Cute Cover of Lukas Graham's "7 Years"

by LDS Living | June 20, 2016 | Videos Famous Mormons Humor Fun Mormon Life

For Father's Day, instead of just getting presents from his family, Alex Boye decided to create a special g...


New Study: The Path to Happiness for Millennial Men Is Actually Kids

by KSL | June 20, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

It seems that millennial dads are more likely than singles to be happy with their careers, with their workp...


How My Dad's Greatest Failure Helped Me Succeed: 3 Touching Stories

by Lynnae W. Allred | June 18, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

A father can play a vital role in the life of his child. And though they might not achieve all of their big...


New Study Reveals How Stay-at-Home Moms Really Feel About "Staying Home"

by LDS Living | June 17, 2016 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

"Staying at home: It's the most important thing a woman can do—or a cop-out. It's a job description—or a re...