Jenny Oaks Baker Performs "Silent Night" for Official "Christmas Eve" Music Video

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Christmas Eve , which stars Sir Patrick Stewart and  Napoleon Dynamite 's Jon Heder, is a story  ...


Washington Post: Here's Why Mormons Especially Love "Star Wars"

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How "Star Wars" Was Influenced by a Mormon

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How Mormon Missionaries Are Like Jedi

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As a missionary, we often would talk about how missionaries were like the Jedi; it was even brought up...


Mormon Actress Shunned While Filming in Amish Community

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Mormon actress Danielle Chuchran recently shared with The Christian Post  what it was like being a Mor...


"Napoleon Dynamite" Creator Makes New Religious Comedy with Sam Rockwell, Will Forte & Amy Rockwell

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A couple of years ago, a friend turned filmmaker Jared Hess on to the world of biblical archaeology. It did...


5 LDS Movies to Watch With Your Family This Holiday

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"Once I Was a Beehive" Wins Praise from Tough Movie Critics

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"Mollywood," the Mormon Independent Film Industry, Gets Featured on A.V. Club

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MR says: Every Monday, the A.V. Club features a relatively unknown side the arts and entertainment world in...


Patrick Stewart and Jon Heder Star in New Christmas Film by LDS Director

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Christmas Eve is probably the busiest day of the year. As families gather to share the holiday, frazzled ce...