Why I'm Glad Youth are Attending the Temple More Frequently

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I woke up late this morning, and climbed out of bed at 6:30am. It was still dark outside, even though a hin...


Why the Church Made the Temple Garments Video

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How a Missionary's Testimony Helped Her Father Come Back to the Church

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Victory Nichols, of the Westview Ward, Cedar Mill Oregon Stake, has been a light to her family and a good e...


Local Paper Reports on Construction of Colorado Temple

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A vision of heaven is under construction in southeast Fort Collins. Work on a new temple for the Church of ...


20 Interesting Temple Facts You May Not Know

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Church Releases New Page & Video about Temple Garments View this very honest and open video regarding t...

Church Updates Temple Garment Video

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We’re pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response to the "Sacred Temple Clothing" video we posted las...


Why I Love the Temple

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We are women who rejoice in the blessings of the temple, understand our divine destiny, and strive for exal...


Church Releases New Page & Video about Temple Garments

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To those outside a particular faith, the rituals and clothing may seem unfamiliar. But for the participants...


Angel Moroni Placed on Indianapolis Temple (Photos)

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The placement of an 8.5-foot, 900-pound, gold-plated statue atop a spire is just a moment in the constructi...