BYU Vocal Point Collaborates with Children's Choir for New Christmas Carol

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BYU Vocal Point teamed up with the One Voice Children's choir to create this beautiful new Christmas carol....


Mormon Channel Creates Stunning, Inspiring Video: "Nearer My God to Thee"

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The Mormon Channel recently posted this heartwarming video, featuring stunning images from the Church's Bib...

Pres. Monson in New Youth Video: Your Rudder Will Not Fail

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Early Returned Missionary's 30-Day Survival Guide

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When Ashley Sargeant returned home early from her mission to Brazil, she was in a dark place. Since then, s...


Studio C to Premiere Long-Anticipated 6th Season Tonight + 6 Favorite Clips

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Studio C, the hilarious LDS comedy group, has quickly become a household name for many families and even ga...


Church Releases Video Explaining How Members Can Defend Their Religious Freedom

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MR says: Check out this powerful video that explains how Latter-day Saints and members of other religi...


Elder Perry's Challenge from a Church Training Video that Was Filmed Days Before His Death

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The annual Seminar for New Mission Presidents has been a gathering of many unforgettable talks and teaching...


Over 100 Missionaries from Viral 'Titan Missionaries of 2012' Come Home (Video)

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Lindsey Stirling & Echosmith Make Beautiful Acoustic Version of 'Bright'

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An Inside Look at the Salt Lake Temple's Layout and Interior

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