10 Questions to Ask Before You Tie the Knot

by Jenny Spencer | February 5, 2014 | Single Saints

1. Do you make one another laugh? Laughter is the best medicine, and you’ll need a lot of it in marriage. D...


{Single Saints} The "Indoorsy" Type

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To start, a disclaimer: I like the outdoors. I do. I am not agoraphobic or anything. I like to take walks a...


5 Ways Texting Can Ruin Your Dating Life

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Poll: What's the Ideal Engagement Length?

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When my sister was engaged for only three months, all my grandma could say was, “Well, I can’t complain.” T...


Single Saints: Hanging Out or Copping Out?

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The scene: One guy. One girl. (Ok, ok. It was me.) Hang-out buddies clearly interested in one another. They...


Would You Date a Non-RM?

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When my friend told her father that she was seriously considering marrying a young man who didn’t serve a m...


Poll: How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

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I recently went through a pretty significant breakup. Significant because over the course of the relationsh...


Singles Dilemma: To Date or Not to Date Within Your LDS Ward

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Confession: I have been on more dates with guys in my wards than I could ever count. I confess it not to gl...