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Letters in the Jade Dragon Box: Finding the Church in China’s Past

by Gale Sears | Global View

There are countries cloaked in mystery. One such country is China: an enigma of thousands of years of emper...


How BYU-Hawaii Students are Changing the World

by Erin Hallstrom | People Global View

*Editor's note: This is an excerpt from "From This Place." Read the full article in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue ...


Exclusive: Escape from Rwanda: The Impossible Story of John Bizimana

by Erin Barker | Global View

People fill the tent and stand outside its edges to watch Voice of Africa perform. The members’ bright cost...

The Untouchables Video: Leprosy in India

by LDS Living | Global View Hot Topics Opinions & Features

Read The Untouchables: Part I , Part II , and Part III . ...


The Untouchables: Part 3

by Jamie Lawson | Global View Hot Topics

Click here to watch a video on Jamie Lawson's experience in India at the leprosy colony. In case you missed...


The Untouchables: Part 2

by Jamie Lawson | Global View Hot Topics

In India, those suffering from leprosy are considered to be “untouchables.” Believed to be cursed by God, t...


The Untouchables: Part 1

by Jamie Lawson | Global View Hot Topics

Leprosy is one of the most feared diseases in human history. Assumed by many people to have disappeared cen...

The One Place in England I Must Always Visit

by S. Michael Wilcox | International Global View

I am sure in the future there will be time and space to express gratitude and respect for all this "scepter...

The Nourishing Place - The Cathedrals of Europe

by S. Michael Wilcox | Global View Adventures in Travel

People travel to Europe for many reasons. There is so much to experience and every country has its own cult...

''Red Eggs'' of Romanian Christians Proved Stronger than the ''Red Stars'' of Communism

by John L. Lund | Global View

As World War II came to an end in 1946, Romania and many millions of people in the eastern European countri...