8 Ways to Boost a Girl's Self-Image

by Rachelle J. Christensen | February 21, 2014 | Parenting How-to

In this time when our bodies are portrayed as imperfect and unworthy, learn how you can help your daughters find their own real beauty in an unrealistic world. When my daughter was 8 years old, she told me that a boy in her class said she was “sexy.” This incident shocked me into an awareness of the world’s view of beauty and how children today are being inundated with a skewed sense of what pretty means. I recognized that my sweet, innocent daughter was already feeling the pressure of being thin. We discussed this and she returned to school with instructions...


Ultimate Guide: How to Start an LDS Blog

by Kelsey Berteaux | February 4, 2014 | How-to

There are a lot of things you can do to follow the counsel of prophets and share the gospel online. Some of our favorite (and some of the easiest) ways include using Facebook and Twitter , but if you're ready to take the next step in personal online member missionary work try this: start a blog.  The LDS blogging world is actually already quite well-established, and has been nicknamed by the online community " the Bloggernacle ." Joining is as easy as typing out your testimony. Follow these six steps to get started on your own LDS blog:  1. Select a...


How to Give a Talk Like President Monson

by Kelsey Berteaux | October 4, 2013 | How-to

Have you ever sat in a sacrament meeting where the speaker quoted scripture after scripture, and you couldn’t quite follow? Or have you listened to a talk where the speaker related a lengthy narrative, and you couldn’t figure out why? How many times have you been asked to give a talk, and then struggled with trying to keep from putting the congregation to sleep? On the other hand, have you noticed how your children seem to all be snoozing off while watching general conference, until President Monson begins to tell a story? And then, suddenly, everyone perks up and pays attention?...


What to Do When You’ve Already Pinched the Penny: 20 Helpful Hints for Raising a Family in Our Economy

by Rachelle J. Christensen | September 3, 2013 | How-to

Check out this hilarious video of a family that went to extremes--watering down milk, making fake offbrand clothes ("Hoolister," anyone?), bathing with their clothes to clean both at the same time and save on the water bill, etc.--all in the name of saving some money so they could get some nice family photos. (Learn more about Pretty Darn Funny here.) Hopefully you don't have to take canned food storage to school or work for lunch, but you may be looking for other ways to save money. Here’s a great list of ideas--some of which you might be already doing--but we hope...


How to Keep Kids Quiet in Sacrament (+ 5 Fabulous Activities)

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | August 29, 2013 | How-to

The loud voices. The constant squirming. The screaming. And the crying. Oh, the crying. Every. Week. Each of us has experienced young children in Sacrament--either as an outsider or the parent/child wrangler. So how do we teach reverence to very young children (nursery to Sunbeam age), while still being realistic about their developmental needs of movement and stimulation? This is labeled a "how to," but I'm still learning--so I'd love additional suggestions below . I've gleaned ideas from my own and other's experiences, as well as ideas online--and these can be applied across the board to other Church meetings as well....


No More Awkward Silences: 8 Tips to Get Your Class to Participate in Meaningful Gospel Discussions

by Juliet Miller | August 1, 2013 | How-to

But with these eight tips, there's no need to fear. As a seminary teacher, these are my go-to methods that work for me. My experience is in teaching youth and adults, but most of the techniques can be adapted to teach primary classes and will work in more structured settings like Institute and seminary or in regular Sunday meetings. As a disclaimer, I make no claim to be a superior teacher or to have mastered the techniques I am about to list. I still have plenty of questions that “flop,” but the “floppers” flop because they were lazily written. I know...


Happy Campers: How to Have a Successful Family Camping Trip

by Sunny Morton | June 20, 2013 | How-to

It's a cool summer night. A dark expanse of lake laps quietly at the edge of your campsite. You huddle in a sweatshirt and stretch your dirt-smeared calves toward the campfire's warmth. Firelight flickers across your loved ones' faces. Suddenly your soft conversation bursts into laughter, like a shower of sparks that dissipates into the starry sky above. Gradually your group stumbles off to their tents. You are the last to turn in. Before you bank the fire, you close your eyes, inhale the rich scent of trees and camp smoke, and wonder why you don't do this more often. Camping...


How to Curb the Family Sweet Tooth

by Jenni Gasparrini | June 13, 2013 | How-to

Sugar easily draws our attention and our taste buds. At family get-togethers, sugar is as common as the relatives who are in attendance. And holidays? You might as well be celebrating sugar as opposed to pilgrims or freedom. So how do you avoid a sugar monopoly without becoming extreme? Here are some healthy alternatives, with advice from nutritionist Rickelle Richards, to help you decrease the amount of sugar in your children's diet (and your own) without completely avoiding one of life's joys. Make baked goods smaller. Let's face it - avoiding sugar altogether is nearly impossible, but you can easily lessen...


Ultimate Guide to Pioneer Trek

by Amanda Taylor and Rhett Wilkinson | May 14, 2013 | How-to

Pioneer treks are a common summer activity for Church members around the world, allowing them to experience, if even partially, the challenges the earliest pioneers faced in searching for religious freedom in the 1800s. Opportunities abound to learn how suffering and sacrifice brings one close to the Savior. Walking in the pioneers’ footsteps, participants can feel empathy for those who heeded the call to gather to Zion. “It’s important to remember the pioneers and what they did, because without them, we wouldn’t have the Church like it is today,” says 15-year-old Jenna Rasmussen, who embarked on a pioneer trek with her...


{LDS How-to} Help Your Kids Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

by LDS Living staff | April 26, 2013 | How-to

We’ve been told to keep the Sabbath day holy, but with a spirited eight-year-old, a flighty Valiant eleven-year-old, and a misunderstood teen, teaching them to choose the right may appear to be more of a cross to bear than a duty to do with a heart full of song. So what can you do to truly make Sunday a special day, other than trimming your nails on Saturday? Here are some ideas. 1. Reserve the day. The Sabbath is supposed to be for the benefit of man. Think of it as a weekly holiday from the world, the day that you...