{LDS How-to} Support Your Sister Missionary

by Ashley Jones | March 1, 2011 | How-to

Just over two years ago, I returned home from serving a mission in Frankfurt, Germany. I also have a younge...


{LDS How-to} Teach an Etiquette Night with the Youth

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A couple of weeks ago, the young women president in my ward asked me to be the guest speaker for the youth ...


{LDS How-to} Write a Missionary

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Here is some practical advice for those who want to effectively boost their powerful priesthood proselytize...


{LDS How-to} Transform a Cultural Hall into a Wedding Reception

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Not that basketball hoops, brown carpeted walls, and accordion dividers aren’t fabulous décor for a wedding...


{LDS How-to} Win a Pinewood Derby

by LDS Living staff | February 11, 2011 | How-to

For decades, the pinewood derby has been a dad’s running ground to show his son—and the ward—his mechanical...