Just Asking: Interview with Artist Liz Lemon Swindle

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Just Asking: Interview with Movie Star Jon Heder

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LDS Living Interview with General Relief Society President Julie B. Beck: Continuing the Legacy

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Sister Julie B. Beck was serving as first counselor in the Young Women general presidency when she was call...


Jimmer Gallery: Childhood Photos

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Up Close with Jimmer Fredette: Giving His Best Shot

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Jimmer Gallery: LDS Living Photoshoot

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Video: Behind the Scenes with Jimmer

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Behind the Scenes with Vocal Point: Balancing school, NBC's 'Sing-Off,' and more

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It started with a handmade flier using a sharpie, posted all around BYU campus 20 years ago: come audition ...


Just Asking: Interview with Elaine Dalton

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Q: In 2008 the Young Women General Presidency called for a “return to virtue” and added the value into the ...


Michael McLean's Interview with LDS Living: More behind the scenes from the article

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In the November/December 2011 issue of LDS Living , we published an article on Michael McLean's Forgotten C...