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Four Reasons Your Marriage May Be at Risk

by Jonathan Swinton, licensed marriage and family therapist | Marriage & Relationships

As a marriage counselor, people are frequently asking me to help them with their “communication issues.” Bu...


Dave Says: Relationship Fix

by LDS Living Staff | Finances Marriage & Relationships

Dear Dave, I have three stepchildren, the oldest of which is married and has a little baby. The only time w...


From the Mouths of Babes: What is Love?

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30 Days to a More Romantic Marriage

by Alice L. Beesley | Marriage & Relationships

When my husband and I were dating, he brought me a rose every week. He promised to bring me one each week f...


Date Night Makeover

by Jamie Cline | Marriage & Relationships

“My belief is that date night is extremely important to a marriage,” says Gary Lundberg, a popular marriage...


Daddy Daughter Date Night

by Dana Alan Koch, LDS Living staff & readers | Activities Marriage & Relationships

That response would quickly be followed with, “Whose turn is it next?” While Monday night is set aside for ...


Dave Says: Dating on a Dime

by LDS Living Staff | Finances Marriage & Relationships

Dear Dave, I’m a recent college graduate, and I’m determined to follow your plan and get out of debt. My bi...


Which Love Language Are You?

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According to the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, there are five major ways people show and recei...


Dave Says: Repaid the Money, But Relationship Suffering

by LDS Living Staff | Finances Marriage & Relationships

Dear Dave, I borrowed money from my parents and paid it back over time, but now the relationship has become...


The 12 Days of Christmas Romance

by Ashley Evanson | Marriage & Relationships

Let the 12 Days of Christmas make your holiday season a little more romantic. Here are some ideas to show y...