Watch: PBS Talks to LDS Missionary Dept., Nearly 82K Missionaries Reported Serving

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Mormons Score Highest in 'Religious Health-O-Meter'

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LDS Growth in India Draws Media Attention

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Construction of Philly's Unique Mormon Temple Without Caffeine, Smoking, Swearing

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It's been two years since ground was broken in Center City on a massive Mormon temple and visitors' center,...


Mormon Temple in Gilbert: Inside Look at Temple's Special Meaning

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Evangelical Leader Cites Book of Mormon, Says Commonality with Mormons Deeper Than Differences

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Borrowing an ancient Hebrew word from an Old Testament text, one of America’s leading evangelical Christian...


CNN Publishes 'Mormon Church Fast Facts'

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Mormon-owned Website Is Marketing Giant for Utah

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Salt Lake City, Heart of Mormonism, Is 2013’s National Bible City

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While many Christians may not see Mormons as Bible believers, the National Bible Association sure does. The...


Arizona State Launches LDS Ad Campaign

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Arizona State University has launched a new advertising campaign at applicants who are members of the Churc...