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In the Whirled: Does the LDS Church Complicate or Simplify Lives?

by Deseret News | Best of LDS Blogs

For some reason, life tends to speed up in the fall. Kids return to school, food is packed into canning jar...


What Makes Mormons Tick? LDS Official Explains

by Washington Times | Best of LDS Blogs

To those unfamiliar with the faith – and especially those who embrace no faith at all – all this may seem r...


How to Apply for College When a Mission Is in Your Future

by Deseret News | Best of LDS Blogs

Two of the most important moments in a young Latter-day Saint's life — going to college and going on a miss...


'Why I'm a Mormon': Stephanie Nielson (of Elder Holland's Talk)

by Deseret News | Best of LDS Blogs

Being a Mormon means that I know who I am, I know where I am going, and I know, understand, and love the pl...


5 Ways to Make General Conference Fun for Kids

by Utah Valley 360 | Best of LDS Blogs

With inspiring messages, family traditions, a chance to sleep late and church on TV, what’s not to love abo...


Help Prepare Young Women to Save Souls

by | Best of LDS Blogs

Recently I attended a sacrament meeting in Arizona where I listened to a very happy young man share his tes...


One-On-One Time With Our Kids: Why We Must and How We Can

by Motherhood Matters | Best of LDS Blogs

This time last week we were having the time of our lives together on a surprise out-of-town trip my husband...


How LDS Prophet John Taylor's Watch Saved His Life

by Juvenile Instructor | Best of LDS Blogs

It is not surprising, then, that on the evening of June 27, 1844, John Taylor was wearing his watch as he s...


Under Glass at DI: How I Found a Rare Copy of The World’s Fair Ecclesiastical History of Utah

by Juvenile Instructor | Best of LDS Blogs

Imagine my surprise one Saturday when I took my children to Rexburg’s own Deseret Industries store on a rou...


4 Ways to Be a "Deliberate Mother" in the Midst of Mayhem

by Motherhood Matters | Best of LDS Blogs

The other night, my husband and I were trying to replace the net on our trampoline (the previous one had be...