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{A&E} POLL: ‘The Book of Mormon’ Musical

by Ashley Evanson | Arts & Entertainment Polls

The Book of Mormon musical has generated a lot of buzz in and out of the LDS community, and can you blame a...


{A&E} POLL: To Watch Rated-R Movies, or Not?

by Ashley Evanson | Arts & Entertainment Polls

Have you heard of Deseret News’ new Family Media Guide ? I LOVE it. You can look up a movie and see what th...


{A&E} Two TV Shows that Made Me Want to Be a Better Person

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Arts & Entertainment

Last Friday morning as I walked into work, I heard a familiar strain playing over the lobby speakers. It wa...


{A&E} Listen to This: Josh Wright

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Arts & Entertainment

If you haven’t heard of Josh Wright yet, it’s time to listen up. His performances of classic songs are asto...


{A&E} Read This: <i>I Sit All Amazed</i>

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

The author, Steve Mikita, knew what he was doing when he titled the book. Here’s why: Steve was born with a...

{A&E} "Clean" Comedy

by Erin Hallstrom | Arts & Entertainment

When I was in college (BYU in the mid 90’s) the big thing to do on the weekend was to watch improv shows.&n...


Mormon pianist Desirae Brown looking at uncertain future because of rare eye ailment

by LDS Living Staff | Mormons We Know Arts & Entertainment

When the audience sees one of the 5 Browns — currently on a multi-city concert tour — walk out on stage wea...